Specific Information and Rules for Students
  1. You must attend school during the year of your exchange.
  2. You must adhere to the 4 D's of exchange, No Driving, No Drugs, No Serious Dating and Drinking.
  3. Passport, visa insurance and return transport costs including excess luggage and airport tax are the responsibility of you and your parents.
  4. Your travel arrangements are to be made through the official Youth Exchange Program travel coordinator.
  5. Interstate travel and distant travel is permitted, but only with proper adult chaperoning. You may not tour alone or with other students. All travel must be approved by the host and sponsor District Chair, host club and your own parents (in writing). A complete itinerary of every trip must be filed with the host District Chair 6 weeks before the journey commences.
  6. Hosting of the students is the responsibility of the host club. In case of difficulties you should consult your host parents, followed by the Counsellor, Club Youth Exchange Officer and finally the District Chair in that order.
  7. Your parents are to provide and maintain a $500 revolving emergency fund. This is to be used for clothing, and emergencies. A monthly allowance will be arranged for by the host club for spending money and incidentals.
  8. A briefing Session will be held shortly after arrival to discuss all phases of the program and to aid in planning. Your attendance is required at these meetings.
  9. Questions or problems related to this program may be directed to the Chair of the Youth Exchange Committee.
  10. If you have relatives in the host country they will have no authority over you while under the supervision of the program.
  11. You should become an integral member of the host family, assuming duties and responsibilities normal to a student your age.
  12. Do not address your hosts as Mr and Mrs; arrive at a comfortable arrangement, "Mum" and "Dad" for example. Refer Questionnaire for New Host Family, which will be supplied at a District briefing.
  13. Choose your friends slowly and wisely as you will have many social opportunities. You do not have to accept the first invitation. Trust your hosts to aid you in developing a respectable circle of friends.
  14. Your hosts are responsible for you socially, spiritually and physically. You will respect their wishes and requests. Their society may be different to ours and some guidance and restrictions are to be expected and advisable.
  15. You are NOT PERMITTED TO DRIVE A MOTOR VEHICLE OF ANY KIND! This includes boats, tractors, motorbikes, aircraft or any motorised vehicle, or participate in dangerous activities such as gliding or hang gliding.
  16. You are NOT PERMITTED TO USE DRUGS, except for valid medical reasons as prescribed by a physician.
  18. You must avoid romantic attachments. Remember you must return home on completion of your exchange.
  19. Your attendance may be required at Rotary sponsored events.
  20. Rotary Exchange students may gain part-time employment for reward to fundraise for charity or assist with Optional trip costs as long as it does not take time away from other Rotary and Family commitments.
  21. Any costs due to the student’s early return home or any other unusual costs incurred by or on behalf of the student shall be the responsibility of your own parents.
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