Short Term Program
One on One Exchange with another student - Hosted by Exchange student’s family - Normally four to eight weeks in each country
Each year hundreds of young people worldwide are given an opportunity to experience the cultures and accomplishments of young people in other countries. During your exchange, you will grow considerably in self confidence tolerance and self- reliance.

To live away from home for the duration of your exchange is a rewarding experience. Sometimes it’s not always smooth sailing and requires a great strength of character, tolerance and understanding.
Short Term Exchanges are open to high school students between the ages of 15 and 18 on the date of departure.

Short Term Exchange is a recognised Rotary International program. It is basically a student to student, family to family exchange. It is a reciprocal program which means that if you exchange with another student then you are required to accept your matched exchange student in your home at an arranged time.

Exchanges are from 4 weeks [minimum] and 8 weeks [maximum]. The program is open to children of Rotarians and non-Rotarians. Exchange student’s candidates must be outgoing, self-confident, friendly, adaptable and adventurous.
Do I get to choose my Country of choice?

Yes!! Rotary District 9423 has contacts in many overseas countries and we do our utmost to exchange with your country of choice, although we ask you to have a second choice as a back up!

Rotary Short Term Exchange provides a unique opportunity to experience first - hand the many cultures of a different country and a new way of life. You will make some life - long friendships with your reciprocal exchange student and families that you meet.
Important information
  • Students both Inbound and Outbound must attend school where possible
  • All students must be sponsored by a local Rotary Club
  • Application forms not signed by a Rotary Club will not be accepted
  • All students must undergo a District Briefing before departure
  • All students must complete a report on their exchange
  • The whole program is flexible and can be adapted to suit individual students needs
  • All students must obey the guidelines set by Rotary International
How much will it cost?

There are two main elements that comprise the cost of the program. First there is the cost of the return airfare from your home to your host country. All travel must be on scheduled airlines.

Secondly is the cost of your “spending-money” while abroad. Whilst away you will live with your host family, room and board are provided. The amount of “spending-money”you take is for you to decide and will largely depend on how many weeks you are away. All outgoing students are covered by Rotary Insurance. If you also wish to take out additional travel insurance,that is your choice.

Some overseas countries may require you to take out an extra District Youth Insurance at a minimal cost.
Am I required to attend school
All students are required to attend school whilst on exchange. Under normal circumstances this is the same school that your host brother/sister attends. Inbound students will attend your school.
How do you apply?
All applicants must be sponsored by a Rotary Club. Contact any member of a local Rotary Club and request the contact details of the Clubs Youth Exchange Officer who can arrange a Club or District Committee interview and subsequently arrange an application form.

Alternatively, you can email Linda Bilney
Maddi Sheehan
As asked by my host club Mandurah City, here is a snapshot of short term exchange. I encourage anyone who is interested in exchange to have a read!
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